Incentives are inducements, motivators or rewards in form of an event for employees, clients, partners or other target groups. For us an important part of such events is socialising. The participants should have the possibility to get to know each other in a leisurely setting, have fun, communicate with each other, and enjoy the special moment.


Our Incentive Offer

We are specialist in events in the German, English and French speaking areas. We primarily host our clients’ incentives in Vienna.

From our portfolio:

  • Vienna – We create unforgettable incentives in our beautiful city!
  • Austria – We plan your event from Neusiedlersee in the East to Bodensee in the West, from the wine caves in the north to the South Styrian vineyards
  • International – Due to our strong partner network we can plan and realise incentives for you just about anywhere.
  • Francophone … ?! – We have strong ties to France and the French language.

Incentives by Himbeere

Rätselrallye Urkunden


Here you can find a short video taken during the 2013 Fitinn Action Event, which was designed and realised by Himbeere. So far we have been hired three consecutive years to carry out these Action Events for 120 participants each.



We have created a small but nice programme in Paris for you. Perhaps this is for you. We would also love to accompany you to any other European metropolis.



The CPC AG – a consulting firm from Germany – took a nice little incentive trip to Vienna with its 50 employees. We provided the programme.