Domino Rally

The classic, now also available for your event. The simple but exciting game with the tiles in which you have to work with your team to build the perfect route!

Domino Rallye
Domino Rallye
Domino Rallye

Domino Rally

At this team event, groups up to six people are formed. Each team will have a table and a domino colour. They will have to build a domino course with around 300 Domino tiles. After the first tile has been pushed, the course must run – as far as possible – to the end. In addition, the route should also have a curvy and creative course. This is made possible by setting up bridges and obstacles.

The lanes of the individual teams can be connected by bridges between the tables, so that one lane can be built over almost any number of tables.

After the construction period, the chain reaction is triggered. This always is an exciting moment which can be recorded on video. The team spirit surely will be strengthened by this experience!

Services & Facts

  • Target group: b2b
  • Location: Indoor (Hotel, meeting room, office …)

  • Duration: 30 – 120 minutes, depending on schedule and application

  • Capacity: 10 – 250 people

  • Languages: English/German/French

  • Focus: Team building, logical thinking, creativity, fun

  • Included benefit: Material, organization, execution and support, photos & videos from our staff
  • Requirement: convenient room, one large table for every team

  • Possible extra: photos and videos from a professional, additional activities & tasks (see “Domino Extended”)


  • Organization fee: € 490,00

  • Price per person: € 15,00

  • Other costs: No travel costs within Vienna. Travelling outside of Vienna, working time and miscellaneous costs will be charged by an individual agreement.

Domino Extended

  • Prices: on demand, depending number and nature of the activities

  • Capacity: 15 – 50 persons

  • Duration: flexible, 1,5 – 3 hours

Domino in combination with other (Indoor)-games such as Tin Can Alley, company quiz, Activity, Bingo, card games, creative activities (Polaroid-Activity) …

If you want to book our Domino Rally, please send us an email.
I will gladly advise you personally: Mario Stoiber +43 650 / 505 20 30.

All prices excl.  20 % VAT.