Distance Teambuilding – Green Impulse

With “Green Impulse” we have developed a remote/virtual team building that teams can play everywhere in the world. Teams are divided into groups of 3 – 5 persons. Each player is teleworking and can communicate with his team members through the conference tool. To win, attendees have to go through different digital challenges. Collaboration, communication will be the key elements to succeed. A live leader board will allow teams to share their progression.

Game Scenario: Year 2030. The Green Impulse, the first subsonic shuttle working without any fossil energy, is about to take off!
Welcome cadets! Today the Green Academy will designate the pilot team for the Green Impulse! As you all know, you all are candidates for the launch of the first subsonic air shuttle, using only renewable energy! Please be careful: someone is trying to sabotage the project! You will have to gather clues along your training in order to identify the culprit among a list of suspects.
Catch them before it’s too late!

If you want to book “Distance Teambuilding ”, please send us an email.
For further information I will gladly advise you personally: Mario Stoiber +43 650 / 505 20 30.

Services & Facts

  • Product: Distance Teambuilding (HTML, Englisch)
  • Target group: b2b / b2c
  • Location: wherever you want (home office, telecommuting, teleworking,…)
  • Requirement: computer/tablet/smartphone + internet
  • Focus: remote / virtual teambuilding, collaboration, communication, quiz gaming

  • Duration: ~ 1 hour

  • Group size: 3 – 5 people
  • Capacity: from 10 to >1000 participants
  • Languages: English / French
  • Price per person: € 28,00 + 20 % VAT
  • More details: See PDF

Green Impulse is best enjoyed on a laptop, desktop or tablet, though smartphones can be used. The game can be hosted by one of our facilitators using a video-conferencing tool such as Zoom. This approach is ideal for a virtual meeting or conference.
Alternatively, the game can be tackled by teams as a stand-alone team building activity. In this case, each team joins the activity on a day and time of their choosing. When you don’t want to get a large group together (virtually), this approach is ideal. It’s also a great format if you have teams operating in different time zones.