QUIZ GAME – Smart People

Have you met our Smart People? They are very, very clever individuals, each with a unique talent. These Smart People have their own club. Anyone wanting to join will have to perform a specific initiatory rite — call it a friendly kind of intellectual hazing!

Smart People

A game to have fun together, playing on the different kinds of intelligence used by the team members. At the venue, the participants are divided up in teams and first have to find our Smart People. Each character allows them to unlock a challenge on the tablet: culture, nature, cinema, creativity,… . All the themes that participants will have to be familiar with to be finally accepted in the (ever so exclusive!) circle of Smart People. Meet these characters, dive into each of their worlds as you discover them, take up their challenges and become a Smart Person yourself!

In the location, various posters representing “Smart People” are displayed. The goal for the teams: to go find these characters and meet their respective challenges. To launch the challenges, players will have to use the tablet’s image recognition function — after which only the best will be able to enter the coveted inner circle… A mere formality!

During the game, the teams will be asked to perform several creative challenges (photos/videos): The participants’ “masterpieces” can be presented during a winning ceremony. At the end the winners – the smartest of Smart People – are announced.

Services & Facts

  • Target group: b2b

  • Location: Indoor (hotel, meeting room, office …)
    Outdoor (park, hotel area,…)

  • Duration: about 2 – 2,5 hours
  • Group size:  ~ 5 people

  • Capacity:  10 – 100 people

  • Languages: English/German/French

  • Focus: Team building, creativity, knowledge, puzzle fun, quiz gaming
  • Included benefit: Equipment, organisation, realisation and supervision, photos & videos, award ceremony
  • Requirement: convenient rooms, if possible table + chairs for every team
  • Possible extra: Integration of your logo and company questions, awards for the winners


NEW PRODUCT!  Take advantage of our reduced market launch price now!

  • Basic price: 1.500,00 Euro (including 20 people, 4 tablets)

  • Each additional person: 50,00 Euro

  • Other costs: No travel costs within Vienna. Travelling outside of Vienna, working time and miscellaneous costs will be charged by an individual agreement.

If you want to book our Quiz Game, please send us an email.
I will gladly advise you personally: Mario Stoiber +43 650 / 505 20 30.

All prices excl.  20 % VAT.