Domino Challenge

In our Domino Rally, groups of up to six people are formed. Each team is assigned a table and a domino colour to build a course with around 300 tiles.

The domino lanes of all teams will be connected by bridges and should be curvy and creative. This is encouraged by using obstacles and building blocks.

After the construction time, the chain reaction is triggered, should run through to the end without interruption if possible and can be recorded on video as a souvenir. The team spirit is certainly strengthened by this collective experience!

If you are interested in this rally, please contact us personally. Either by e-mail or by telephone.

I will be happy to advise you personally: Mario Stoiber +43 650 505 20 30.

Services & Facts

  • Product: Domino Challenge
  • Target group: b2b

  • Location: Indoor (hotel, meeting room, office, convention center, …)
  • Duration: 30 – 90 minutes, expandable with Domino Extended (see below)

  • Capacity: 10 – 250 people
  • Languages: German/English/French

  • Focus: Teambuilding, logical thinking, creativity, fun, handicrafts
  • Suitable as/for: Company events, break filler, wake-up programme between sessions, …
  • Service: material, organisation, execution and supervision, photos/videos by our supervisors
  • Requirements: suitable premises, one large table per team
  • Possible extras: photos & videos by professionals, additional activities & tasks (see Domino Extended)


  • Organisation fee:
    up to 50 people: € 490.00
    up to 100 people: € 690.00
    up to 250 people: € 990.00

  • Price per person: € 25.00

  • Other costs: Travel within Vienna free of charge. Outside Vienna, travel costs, working time and other expenses will be charged separately by arrangement.

Domino Extended

Domino in combination with a concept or other (indoor) games from the Olympics/team competitions section, such as can shooting, ring throwing, activity, bingo, card games, creative tasks (Polaroid activity), etc.

  • Organisation fee: on request, depending on type and number of activities.

  • Capacity: 15 – 150 people

  • Duration: flexible, 1.5 – 4 hours

  • All prices net excl. 20 % VAT.